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Victoria Beckham Biography: First a known singer, then an internationally style icon, a writer and a television hostess Victoria Beckham had success in every field she dealt with. Born on April 17, 1974 in Essex, England, Victoria Adams decided to become famous after she watched the musical Fame. Her parents enrolled Victoria at theatre school; she also studied modeling and dancing. In 1993 she spotted an advertisement, which turned all her life up side down. Adams then joined a contest for all-girl group later known as Spice Girls and became one of five singers. The group appeared to be one of the most successful through 90s. Victoria was nicknamed Posh Spice due to her style: high-heeled shoes and form-fitting cloths. The group released three albums with a number of #1 singles. Though together, but each Spice, including Victoria Beckham, practiced solo singing in different field. In 2001 Beckham released her debut album 'Victoria Beckham', which took #6 place in UK music charts. By the way, she is the only Spice girl, whose all albums and singles took top 10 in music charts. In 2001 she published a book "Learning to Fly", which sold 500,000 copies during 2001 and became the third best-selling book of the year. Since 1997 a celebrity became a wife of another celebrated person - a football star David Beckham. A couple has three children.

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