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Tila Tequila Biography: Those who saw Tila Tequila's pictures can hardly believe this slim beautiful tender girl was a real hurricane in her childhood. Born on October 24, 1981 in Singapore, she lived in Houston, Texas during her early years. She was a real tomboy and often got into fights; when she became older she used to go to nightclubs and even tried drugs. Who knows what could happen then but Tila decided to change her life completely and at the age of sixteen she left her native town and moved to Queens, New York first and then to Hollywood, California. That is where she started her way to fame. In 2002 she appeared in Playboy magazine and due to her Asian exotic look won the status of the Girl of the Month. Encouraged by men's attention Tila decided to raise her popularity through several episodes of Pants-Off Dance-Off where she stripped while dancing. After it she graced on the covers of Maxim and Stuff magazines. Since May 2007 Tila enlarged the number of her fans after she revealed her bisexuality in her reality show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. Tila launched several websites, they are "Tila's Hot Spot", "Tila Zone" and "Tilafashion.com", on the last you'll find Tila's custom line of clothing. Being a successful model though Tila decided to try singing also. In October 2007 she released her debut single "I Love U" and on the premiere of her show "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila" she sang the second single "Stripper-Friends". Though Tila seems to have everything she wished, she wrote in her Twitter she was suicidal.

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