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Sienna Miller Biography: A successful model, which also enslaved hearts of audience by her beautiful face and acting talent, was born on December 28, in 1981 in New York. In her teenage years she was a successful photographic model though Miller decided to involve her future in acting. She entered the Lee Strasburg Institute in New York City to study drama. In 2001 she had a debut role in a movie South Kensington. Her next films were Layer Cake, Casanova and High Speed. In addition to acting Miller was modeling for Pepe jeans and also posed naked for men's magazines. In 2005 she was a nude cover girl for Vanity Fair. She also agreed to act in love scenes in a movie Factory Girl, where she was having sex at fireplace. While advertising jeans Miller decided to create her own jeans line and in 2007 Miller together with her sister launched a new collection called Twenty8Twelve. In 2004 Miller met Jude Law, her co-star for a movie Alfie. A couple announced their engagement but Law confessed that he had an affair with a nanny of his children (he is a father of four), as a result the couple split. Later they reunited but now it was Miller who was involved in an affair with an actor Daniel Craig. This time Law initiated their split. Again in some time Law and Miller decided to have another chance, but a couple's relations came to an end completely in November 2006 after Law was spotted with his manager.

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