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Sibel Kekilli Biography: Sibel Kekilli was born on June 16, 1980 in Heilbronn, Germany. Today she is known as an award-winning German actress who has Turkish origins. It's commonly believed that her fame began with the film 'Gegen die Wand'. By the way during her acting career Sibel appeared nude acting in pornographic films under the nick name Dilara. Did you hear of her? Sibel Kekilli grew up in Heilbronn where she was brought by her parents. They were Turkish who had to move to Germany in 1977. By the way, Sibel's parents were polite and educated people who allowed her to go to German school where she had a lot of friends. Sibel left school at the age of 16 so she had to work for the local city government. After that the lady moved to Essen where she had a lot of various jobs. It's hard to believe but one day the hottie was noticed by a casting director when she was going shopping. Then the man called her up for an audition that could bring her a role in a film. Fortunately Sibel was lucky to win the leading role for 'Faith Akin's' planned film. The movie 'Gegen die Wand' was released in 2004 and fortunately it was pretty successful. Then the German newspaper revealed that Sibel was a pornographic actress and of course that report was the reason of public scandal. Despite this Sibel was able to cope with the problems and then she played in another film 'Eve D?n??'. After that her acting career started developing.

Sibel Kekilli nude pics

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