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Shauna Sand nude

Shauna Sand Biography: Shauna Sand is a known Playboy model and an actress. She was born on September 2, 1971 in San Diego, California. Being a five-year-old girl she started studying theater, jazz and ballet. When she was nine, a photographer spotted her in the street. Sand signed her first contract with Elite agency being just fifteen. For some time she worked in New York, though she made a break and went to Paris to study art at American University of Paris. When Sand got her Bachelor of Arts Degree and became a French-fluent speaker she came back to the United States and resided in Los Angeles. Sand decided to try her luck in posing for Playboy, so she submitted her pictures to magazine editor. She was invited then to have a photo shoot and in May 1996 she became a Playboy babe. Sand posed topless and completely nude and became a known Playboy model often seen in magazines' issues. In a while Sand was invited to Renegade, a TV show, where she met her future husband Lorenzo Lamas, an actor. A couple married in April 1996 and had three daughters Alexandra, Victoria and Isabella. In October 2002 Sand and Lamas filed for divorce. As an actress Sand was seen in The Deviants, Succubus: Hell Bent, Leave It To Lamas and in several episodes in other TV shows.

Shauna Sand nude pics

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