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Shakira Biography: Many outstanding singers and show business personalities can boast to have their own stars in Alley of Fame but they are not likely to have a whole statue, though Shakira does! A Colombian singer, musician, songwriter, dancer and what is more a philanthropist Shakira was born on February 2, 1977 in Barranquilla. Shakira was a talented child and started to reveal her talent in her early years. She wrote her first poem when she was just four. Later these poems became songs. Her first belly dancing Shakira performed at the same age, when her father took her to the restaurant, where she found herself belly dancing. Shakira was not afraid of public, in the contrary she liked to draw attention of it. A girl was often seen at school's performances singing or dancing a belly dance. When she was thirteen, a local theater producer (Monica Ariza) spotted her on one of the events. Then Monica Ariza tried to help a talented girl. It resulted in Shakira's first contract with Sony Colombia executives. Working hard at her first two albums Shakira hoped to gain success, instead both albums were considered to be commercial failures. Not paying much attention to it, Shakira continued working and practicing. Her single from the third album "Donde Estas Corazon" became the one to rush to the top of music charts. Then Sony Company encouraged Shakira to produce a new album by giving her $100,000. The third album was not long in coming and it was released in 1995 under a title Pies Descalzos (English: Bare Feet). At the beginning of 1996 the album was performed internationally. The world understood that a new star was born. Overall Shakira released six albums and got a heap of awards, which again proved her talent.

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