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Serena Williams Biography: It is not really easy to have a famous sister to follow and to put up a good show after her. But the show was really good when Serena was the first to win a Grand Slam event. Serena Williams was born on September 26, 1981 in Saginaw, Michigan, though most of her childhood she spent in Compton, California and later moved to Florida. All five sisters with Serena and Venus included were enrolled in a tennis school in order to keep off bad neighborhood a family lived in. As it turned out two sisters were doing well. Serena competed in her first tournament at the age of four and by ten she had already won 46 of 49 contests. At her first American Open competition in Chicago, in 1997, Serena was the one who beat Top 10 players including Mary Pierce and Monica Seles. The following year both sisters won in separate tournaments! Later that year Serena succeeded to win over Steffi Graf, Mary Pierce and Lindsay Davenport. Except court Serena was a person to see in many Puma advertisements. Serena's participation in 2000 Summer Olympics resulted in a golden medal for the U.S. as both Venus and Serena won in double events. It seems as if Serena was also competing with her sister too, like in 2002 Serena won three separate tournaments and beat her sister, and the following year she won the forth Grand Slam in a row! In 2004 Serena refused to participate in 2004 Summer Olympics because of her knee injury. She also made a break when her older sister was gunned in a car. There were rumors that Serena's tennis career is put into question as it became vivid Serena was spending much time for show business activity: other than Puma she was also advertising Nike, also she was seen in reality shows about her family "Venus and Serena: For Real" and "Raising Tennis Aces: The Williams Story".

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