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Scarlett Johansson nude

Scarlett Johansson Biography: So young but so successful in acting Scarlett Johansson won the recognition of the public not even being twenty-three. Born on November 22, 1984 in New York, she was enrolled in the Professional Children's School. While studying there she acted in movies Manny and Lo and The Horse Whisperer, the last was critically acclaimed. In 2002 Johansson entered Tisch School of the Arts; as she spent much of her time on stage, she was dropped out of the University. Johansson used in for her benefit: she hurled herself into acting. Her efforts were not vain, as less than in three years she was nominated for a Golden Globe award four times in a row. First nomination was for her role in a comedy Lost in Translation, where she co-starred Bill Murray. Her second chance to become an award-winning actress was after Johansson starred in Girl With a Pearl Earring, a film adaptation of a known novel. Then was the next film A Love Song for Bobby Long, which was praised by both audience and critics, but still did not bring an award to its leading actress. "Match Point" got four nominations with one for Johansson as the Best Actress. This young beauty knows that her body is perfect, that is why she can easily show it nude. She was seen naked in Vanity Fair magazine in 2006. Not only her body, but a pretty face is also used for advertisement. Scarlett Johansson was an official spokeswoman for L'Oreal cosmetics and since 2009 she has been advertising Dolce & Gabbana cosmetics. An actress was also acting in commercials for Calvin Klein clothing company and is a model for Louis Vuitton. Having a heap of followers she usually dated with older ones and the world wondered who would be her future husband. Nevertheless, in September 2008 an actress gave her heart to an actor Ryan Reynolds.

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