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Rosanna Arquette Biography: First an actress, then a film producer and film director Rosanna Arquette was born on August 10, 1959, in New York City. Her father is Lewis Arquette, a film director and actor, and her mother Brenda Olivia has a wide range of activities: she is an actress, acting teacher, poet, therapist and theater operator. So, Rosanna lived in the atmosphere of show business and was in her sphere there. But her family had to move to a commune to Virginia when she was just 11. Being a girl, Arquette was bad at school but she was good at acting. As if feeling her calling, Rosanna together with three teenage friends went to San Francisco to earn for life and try her luck in staging. She was staging in Dickens and renaissance fairs first. Her efforts were rewarded by a debut in a musical The Metamorphoses on Melrose Place theater. She could not help to draw the attention of public, so Arquette was invited to a show Eight is Enough and then to have a part in a movie The Executioner's Song, a role that brought an Emmy nomination to beginning actress. Since that time Arquette's stormy acting life started. She was seen in such movies: in Baby It's You, The Aviator, Silverado and Desperately Seeking Susan, acting a housewife. The last film gained Rosanna high popularity. At the peak of her fame Rosanna decided to turn in writing and film producing. In 2002 she released her first documentary film Searching for Debra Winger, which got critical acclaim. In her film she was interviewing popular women to get to know how they manage to be successful in their families as well as in show business world, too. Though, on her part Arquette was not successful in her off-stage life. She was married thrice but all her marriages ended in divorce. Presently, she is raising a daughter and is still actively involved in show business work.

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