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Rihanna nude pics

Rihanna Biography: A real diva and Barbados babe Rihanna Kenny, known as Rihanna, is considered to be a second Beyonce. Born in 1983, in Leeds, she enjoyed singing since childhood. Though she had hard times with her schoolmates as they didn't like her talent, Rihanna started singing in a band when she was 14. Actually, it was her older brother who created the band. So, when Rihanna was singing on the stage, she drew attention both of the public and music industry as well. It resulted in release of her debut album called Get On (2002), which boasted the single Oh Baby. Due to its catchy tune, a song reached #18 in music charts. Despite her success, a singer had a big break between her first and second albums, which was published in 2006. This album did not have such a success as a previous one though. In a while Rihanna joined a band Love Blackout where she was a leading singer. A group is actually little-famous and Rihanna did not succeed to release any of popular songs or albums. A singer then decided to try her luck in modeling and succeeded in it. She appeared in the pages of men's magazines issues like FHM magazine and in 2008 even beautified the covers of some of them. The second splash of Rihanna's popularity as a singer was in 2008 when she released her single Take a Bow. It took #1 place in UK music charts! Also this year she was often seen with a singer Chris Brown, and there were some rumors they were dating, though Rihanna protested it. The beginning of 2009 was a misfortune for her: she became a victim of violence. It was Chris Brown who punched her in his car benefiting from the moment she could not release a seatbelt. Nevertheless, when she recovered she again started dating with her attacker.

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