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Reese Witherspoon Biography: An American blond and sweetheart Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon, known as Reese Witherspoon, was born on March 22, 1976 in New Orleans. She spent her childhood in Germany as both of her parents were military workers. Witherspoon starter her quest to stardom at the age of 14, when she first appeared in a movie Wildflower and was a leading lady in "The Man in the Moon" the same year. So, when Reese entered Standford University she quit it in a year to spend all her time on acting. As she had already started her way to fame she was offered parts in such films as A Far Off Place (1993), Freeway (1996) and Pleasantville (1998). In 1999 she met her future husband Ryan Phillippe during "Cruel Intentions" shot. The leading role in "Election" gained her a National Society of Film Critics Awards and Golden Globe nomination. In Legally Blonde she was just amazing with in her pink styled cloths and with a tidy doggy. This naive girl won two MTV Movie Awards and again a Golden Globe nomination. Her breakout success came after the film Walk the Line. Her acting talent was praised by a long-awaited Golden Globe Award together with a great number of other awards like BAFTA, Academy Awards, Screen Actors Guild and others. Reese had success not just on screen but in her personal life as well. In 1999 she married her co-star Ryan Phillippe and a couple had two kids Ava and Deacon. They had been living happily for seven years, so it was sad when the world heard that a happy couple announced about their divorce. In 2007 both were officially free and children stayed with Witherspoon, and Phillipe has a right for visitations. Currently, there are rumors about Witherspoon relations with an actor Jake Gyllenhaal, though she protested it.

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