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Rebecca Romijn Biography: Nicknamed "golly blond giant" by her friends Rebecca Romijn was born in Berkeley, California, in 1972. Though she was tall and very beautiful, her parents even didn't think of their daughter to become a model as they were short of money. Instead, Rebecca started working at shop at her teens. When she was studying at the University of California her friend advised Rebecca to try modeling. She then went to France and in a while was glowing on the cover of Elle magazine. She became a public persona as she became a lingerie model for Victoria's Secret and appeared in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues. This helped her to have a subtle turn from modeling to acting. Romijn hosted House of Style, an MTV show from 1998 to 2000. When the show came to end she was offered to have part in X-Men movie. Her costume then, or if to be precise its absence, was talked over. She was offered to act in Godsend alongside Robert De Niro and Femme Fatale. As for her personal life, Rebecca was married an actor John Stamos but unfortunately a couple divorced in 2005. Currently she looks great and keeps her tall body in good shape.

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