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Rachel Mcadams Biography: Famous and original actress Rachel Mcadams was born on October 7, 1978 in London, UK. She has played in many movies but when it comes to erotic scenes you can watch 'The Notebook' (2004) where the actress appears in wet clothes while having sex in bed. Here she reveals her nude boobs and plays hot love scene on the floor. Little girl was interested in literature and painting. At the age of 4 she took figure skating classes and was the first pupil in the sport in High School. The beautiful teen earned regional honors and was successful in her studies. When she was about 10 she played with the Original Kids Theatre Company performing in productions of classical writers. In 1995 cool cutie won her first acting award. Interestingly but despite her acting success Rahel Mcadams didn't plan to act after High School graduation. Due to the instructions and encouragement of her teacher Rachel entered the Drama University in Toronto. The hottie played her first onscreen role in the popular movie "The Famous Jett Jackson". Then she starred in the comedy by famous Italian director Paolo Virzi where Rachel showed her worth. During some years she got roles in TV series and films including 'Perfect Pie' and 'The Hot Chick'. To sum it up the actress has played in tons of movies, series and commercials. Haven't you seen her works? Today you can find and enjoy all of them.

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