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Pink Biography: Pink always likes to shock the public not just with her music but also her look. Pink was born as Alecia Moore on September 8, 1979, in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. She took the pseudonym Pink after a character's name from a film Reservoir Dogs, Mr.Pink. Being a tomboy, she enjoyed dancing and since she was 13, Pink was often seen in local clubs. Later she began singing in a hip-hop band Schools of Thought. Actually, she grew in a broken family and nobody cared she started experimenting with drugs. Though, she had one more passion - writing songs. A local DJ offered her a deal: she had to write a new song each week then he would give her a constant job in a club. It was one of the evenings when Pink was spotted by a record executive. She was offered an audition in LaFace Records and impressed everybody by her talent. In 2000 the world heard Pink's debut album "Can't Take Me Home". It's unbelievable, but album became double platinum in a short period of time, and three singles got in Top 10 of music charts. The following year Pink published her next album "M!ssundaztood", which again gained recognition of the public. It became multi-platinum and boasted a top 10 single "Get the Party Started". Her third album at last brought a talented singer a Grammy award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. In 2006 Pink met her love! It is Carey Hart, a motocross racer. It is in Pink's manner that she proposed Hart not even had got the father's blessing. A couple married that year. The name of her next album I'm Not Dead (2006) showed she is still ready to sing and shock the public. Video for Stupid Girls is actually a satire to such celebs as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson, nevertheless Pink won Best Pop Video at VMA 2006.

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