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Petra Nemcova Biography: Czech Chick was noticed at national talent contest, since that time she became a national pride. Born on June 24, 1979 in Karvina, Czechoslovakia, Petra won everybody's hearts by her smile and charm beautifying the pages of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue in 2002. She created such a furore that the following year she was glowing on the cover of this magazine. Nemcova's pictures were also seen in Harper's Bazaar, Elle and Madame Figaro. She advertised for Victoria's Secret and Cartier as well. In 2004 Nemcova was invited to the Miss Universe contest though not to compete but to judge. At the end of the year 2004 Petra and her fiance Simon Atlee, a British photographer, went to Thailand to spent time together. It happened that at the same time there was the most terrible tsunami in history. It rocked the coast of Africa and Asia, fortunately Atlee didn't suffer, but Nemcova did. She had broken pelvis and got some injures. She spent eight hours on the palm battling with the disaster. When people found her, they airlifted Nemcova to the local hospital and then in three weeks she went home to Czech Republic. After her full recovery everybody wanted to listen to Nemcova's story firsthand. So, a celebrity was invited to ABC's Primetime Live and CNN program "A.C.360. Anderson". Later her story was published in Sports Illustrated, Self, Glamour, In Style, Vegas and Harpers and Queen. In a while she wrote her life story and titled it "Love Always, Petra". There she wrote about her childhood in Czechoslovakia and her modeling career till the time of her dating with Simon Atlee. By the way, Nemcova split with Atlle and since 2005 she has been dating with a singer James Bunt.

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