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Penelope Cruz Biography: Penelope Cruz is a famous Spanish actress, who managed to gain not just the Spanish audience but the American as well. Born on April 28, 1974 in Madrid, Spain she was initially trained to become a dancer. Penelope's parents enrolled her at dance school to study classical ballet for nine years. However, Penelope decided to turn from dancing to acting. A girl was first seen on screen in a music video for Mecano group for a single "La fuerza del destino". After that Cruz was offered to become a presenter of a TV program La Quinta Marcha. In addition, her stunning look drew attention of French filmmaker and as a result Cruz starred in an erotic series Serie Rose. In 1992 Penelope received her first award, an Academy Award for Foreign Language Film for starring in a movie Belle ?poque. To star in Italian movies Penelope had to learn the Italian language, but her efforts were praised then: she got David di Donatello award, an honorable award in Italy that equals Oscar in the USA. Among other notable movies she also starred in Vanilla Sky alongside Tom Cruise, Fanfan la Tulipe, Head in the Clouds and Elegy, where she agreed to show her bare breasts before having a full nude sex. Cruz has dated to her co-stars mainly, for instance she had romantic relations with Matthew McConaughey after a film Sahara and later she started dating Javier Bardem whom she acted in Jam?n, Jam?n and Vicky Christina Barcelona. Though unmarried Cruz wants to have children, moreover she wants to adopt one or two, as she considers it to be her life mission.

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