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Parker Posey Biography: As Parker Posey starred mostly in independent films she is often called as queen of Indies, add to this a number of award nominations and you will understand she is a real queen of acting. Parker Posey was born on November 8, 1968 in Baltimore, Maryland. Posey had her first acting experience in a soap opera As the World Turns and her first major role was in a film Dazed and Confused in 1993. Here was the start of Posey's tremendous career in independent films. Time magazine counted 32 independent films Posey starred in! Some of them are The House of Yes, Clockwatchers, Party Girl, Personal Velocity and many others. Though so favored by Christopher Guest and Hal Hartley, independent films directors, Posey also landed supporting roles in films like Scream 3, Laws of Attraction, Superman Returns, You've Got Mail and some others. Except acting Posey also lent her voice to Becky in The Simpsons and Umbriel in Futurama. Since 2001 an actress used to play on stage. Moreover, while dating a singer Ryan Adams she revealed her vocal talents and sang in duet with a known singer. To continue music theme she also appeared in music videos for a group Cobra Starship. Now she is working over the film Happy Tears.

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