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Paris Hilton Biography: Paris Hilton is a desirable bride-to-be in the States, in addition to her overwhelming beauty she is also extremely wealthy. A rich heiress before she is now an owner of her own hotel business and not only. Paris Hilton was born on February 17, 1981 in New York City, USA in a family of hotel chain entrepreneurs and was the oldest among four children. She was grown in a house one can only dream about and she didn't have any complaints in her childhood. Having everything she wanted Paris decided that it was useless to spend time on getting an education because she would not need to struggle her way for success, she was successful already. So, Paris dropped her high school to become a known socialite together with her best friend Nicole Richie. The girls appeared in a hit show The Simple Life in 2003, where they had to stay with a farm family. The show got such huge popularity that the girls stayed with it for five seasons. As a model Paris Hilton was seen in plenty of ad campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Marciano, Guess, Christian Dior and Iceberg Vodka and also appeared on pages of numerous glamour magazines. Paris also starred in number of films, the most notable of which are The Cat in The Hat, The House of Wax and Wonderland. Hilton is also known for having her video tape released. It was her boyfriend Rick Salomon who shot it and released without Paris permission. "1 Night in Paris" depicts a sex scene with a known celebrity and her boyfriend and was filmed with a simple camera using a night vision function; nevertheless it is easy to see all the details of a night sex scene.

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