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Pamela Anderson Biography: Alluring blond bombshell Pamela Anderson is a world-know celebrity. She is a model, actress, entrepreneur and philanthropist noted throughout the world. She is an icon! Pamela Anderson was born on July 1, 1967 in British Columbia, Canada in a family of workers. Platinum-blond, gorgeous and lively she destined to become famous. She was spotted on the football match in Vancouver and was shown on a big stadium screen then. A crowd cheered her up and applauded. In Labbat's t-shirt she was immediately offered to model for this clothing brand. In was her start for big future success. Later, in 1989 Pamela agreed to pose for Playboy magazine and was honored to become a Playmate of the Month, a title so honorable for the models. Men were stroke by her sexuality, her soft curves, long blond hair - everything in Anderson seemed to be perfect. So, in a while she became a television personality. Pamela was seen in many shows including Baywatch, Married With Children, V.I.P. After having a break for television Anderson returned to modeling in 2004. This time she appeared completely nude on the cover of Playboy, the first time she posed naked. It was just the beginning though, as she also posed naked for GQ and Stuff later. Moreover, she is one of the celebrities who have a home sex tape, which was stolen and leaked into the Internet. This tape was made during her homey moon with Tommy Lee. Pamela has the second sex tape also, where she is performed nude in various poses with Bret Michaels, a famous musician, who blocked that video, though some episodes are still available in the Internet.

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