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Nicole Scherzinger Biography: A former member of music bands Eden's Crush and Pussycat Dolls is presently a successful off-band singer. Nicole Scherzinger was born on June 29, 1978 in Honolulu, Hawaii. She got her alluring, gorgeous appearance thanks to her half-Filipino and partly Russian and Hawaiian descend. After her parents got divorced, her mother and she moved to Louisville, Kentucky. Scherzinger enjoyed performing at school and at the moment she had finished it Nicole knew she would like to act. So, she entered the University to study theater arts. However, instead of acting in 1999 she became a back vocalist for Days of the New group. To continue her entertainment career she auditioned for a reality show Popstars and won the place in a group Eden's Crush. With only two successful singles a band had a short fame and split. Scherzinger then joined Pussycat Dolls as a lead vocalist. Though she featured great time with this band, Nicole had a try in solo. Her debut album Her Name Is Nicole was announced to be released as far back as in 2007, though it is not shelved yet. In addition to singing Scherzinger tried acting and appeared in "My Wife and Kinds" and "Cane".

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