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Mischa Barton Biography: The television show "The O.C" revealed a precious actress to the public, Mischa Barton, who personally experienced an overnight success and still live with it. Born on January 26, 1986 in London, UK, she spent her childhood in New York City, where her family moved when she was only three. At the age of nine Barton debuted in New York Theater alongside Marisa Tomei. This role was followed by the rage of others and led Barton to acting. She appeared in a series All My Children and then starred alongside such celebrities as Hugh Grand and Julia Roberts (Notting Hill), Bruce Willis (The Seventh Sense) and Sam Rockwell (Lawn Dogs). One may say what else an actress can dream about if not to have such a success in acting like Barton has. Nevertheless, the peak of her popularity was only in 2003 when she landed a leading role in a series "The O.C". This role made her a household name overnight and drew wide attention of the public. She was ranked #21 in Hot 100 list in Maxim magazine for 2006 and placed 64-th position among Sexiest Women in the World according to FHM poll. Whether she is so young or she is so popular, but her private life is completely open for public. It is known, that Barton had relations with Bradon David, an oil heir, then with a musician Cisco Adler and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, a soccer player. After "The O.C" project was over, Barton focused on movies rather than series and starred in many films including Octane, The Oh in Ohio and Closing The Ring (2007), where she pleased the audience by her nude sweet ass and bare tits.

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