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Milla Jovovich nude

Milla Jovovich Biography: Milla Jovovich can boast to be very talented and it is hard to find somebody equal to her. Born in 1975, on December 19, in Ukraine, Jovovich together with her family moved to California in 1975. Being 11, she participated in Revlon's campaign named "Most Unforgettable Women in the World" and was discovered by a fashion photographer. In a year she was already glowing on her first magazine cover and the next year (1988) Jovovich acted in her debut movie Two Moon Junction. Her next role in Return to the Blue Lagoon was a failure. In the Golden Raspberry Awards she was nominated for the worst new star. As a result, she was offered only supporting roles and acted in few movies such as Kuffs, Chaplin and Confused. For a while Jovovich turned to music and released an album The Divine Comedy, a mixture of Russian folk and pop. In 1997 she played the fifth element in a film of the same name. Jovovich became a celebrity then. After that she appeared predominantly in action or thriller films. In her next films Milla was seen nude, having a shower in No Good Deed or having rough sex in He Got Game. Her recent completely naked pictures were in issue of Purple Magazine in 2009.

Milla Jovovich nude pics

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