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Mila Kunis Biography: "My whole life has revolved around acting so far!" and it's still revolving. Milena Kunis was born on August 14, 1983 in Kiev in Ukraine but her family moved to USA in 1991. Her father enrolled her at the Beverly Hills Studios, where she studied acting. There Kunis met her manager Susan Curtis, whom she is still working with. She started to appear in print advertisements and later TV commercials for children's goods. She got her first role in a series "Days of our Lives" playing Hope Williams. Later there was a range of supporting roles in films Honey, Gia, Santa with Muscles and We Shrunk Ourselves until in 1998 an actress was cast for "That '70s Show", a television series. Frankly speaking, Kunis used fraud to get that role as it was intended for over 18 year-aged actors, but she was just 14 at the moment. Yet, she impressed the jury and got her part that became decisive in her acting career. After that Kunis were seen in a great number of films and televisions (in more than 20), in Forgetting Sarah Marshall movie she was seen topless, having loud sex with a guy. She was nominated 17 times though won only four awards, but her whole life is before her.

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