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Maryam d'Abo Biography: God knows how many girlfriends James Bond really had but it is known he'd chosen only the most beautiful ones. Maryam Dabo was in the list of them. An English television and film actress was born on December 27, 1960 in London, though she was raised in Geneva and Paris. As a girl she liked performing for her family and friends and it was hard to predict that this hobby would turn out to be d'Abo's future profession. Following the graduation of Drama Centre London and with modeling experience under her belt, Maryam had her screen debut in 1983. She starred in a horror movie Xtro where she played a human incubator for an alien. As d'Abo later said in one of the interviews this was 'a terrible movie' she starred in. In 1987 Maryam landed a role of Bond's girl in a part The Living Daylights. To continue the theme of the film she agreed to pose for Bond-themed cover of Playboy magazine. In 2002 she was one of the co-writers of the book Bond Girls Are Forever, which was the basis for a documentary. Not long ago Maryam was diagnosed brain hemorrhage and in 2007 she had a surgery for it. As a result she was inspired to help people with similar problems and even filmed the documentary on this theme.

Maryam Dabo nude pics

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