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Mariah Carey Biography: So talented and vigorous, she can easily excite the public by her songs as well as by her alluring look. Mariah Carey, an American singer/songwriter, actress and producer, was born on March 27, 1970 in Long Island, New York. The secret of her beauty lies in her origin: she has African-American, Irish-American and Venezuelan descends. A girl possessed inborn musical talents and started singing just at the age of three. Being a junior high school student Mariah started writing songs and the following year she became a demo singer being nicknamed "Mirage" by her class-mates for her absents at school. Tommy Mottola, one of Columbia Records executives, revealed Carey's talent and offered her a contract. Mariah Carey's start on a big stage was just stunning. Her debut album boasts four #1 singles and got to the top on music charts. It brought Mariah a Grammy Award for Best New Artist. Her albums sold in millions along with ones of Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and Whitney Huston. She was the best selling female singer through 90s, when she released six hit albums and won heap of awards. Nevertheless, her private life seemed to be an exact antithesis to her singing career. After several years of a happy (as it could seem) marriage with Tommy Mottola she divorced in 1998. In a while Carey started to date Derek Jeter, New York Yankees basketball player. Though a couple split claiming it was hard to join entertaining business and private life together. So, Mariah Carey remains eligible fiancee for menfolk even now.

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