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Lucy Liu Biography: Lucy Liu is a famous Hollywood actress. You can remember her from 'Charles Angels' movie. The actress was born on December 2, 1968 in New York in family of immigrants from Taiwan. Her father Tom was an engineer and her mother Cecilia was biochemist but they both left their jobs in Taiwan immigrating in the USA. Lucy Liu studied in Pulitzer Middle School than she entered Stuyvesant High School. After graduating from High School Liu entered to the University of Michigan. Lucy Liu started her acting career in 1989 appearing in short episodes in TV series. But she became really famous and popular after her role in 'Charlie's Angels' in 2000. She also filmed in the second movie about 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle' in 2003. What's more, that time she was starring in one more film with Antonio Banderas - 'Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever'. In 2003 Lucy played in Tarantino's movie 'Kill Bill'. By the way she won MTV Movie Award after that role for "Best Movie Villain". Nowadays Lucy Liu plays in different series and takes part in TV shows.

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