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Lucy Clarkson Biography: Lucy Clarkson is an English fashionable model. She was born on July 6, 1982 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Lucy is well-known being the fourth Lara Croft the 'Tomb Rider' model. She is also famous because of her lingerie modeling photosets. Lucy started her modeling career when she became one of the winners taking part in Elite Model Agency competition. When Lucy Clarkson was only sixteen she was offered to become the face of More Magazine. In 2003 she was announced to be the sexiest woman of the year in England. After that she was invited to feature in different advertising campaigns of world famous trade marks. In year 2008 Lucy Clarkson appeared in BBC documentary 'Jess my new face'. In 2009 she took part in extraordinary BBC project - 'My Life as an Animal: Dogs' where she had to live like a dog within four days. By the way, she decided to quit project after only 48 hours. Nowadays Lucy Clarkson is starting new public campaign in order to help people with eating disorders. What's more, this year Lucy Clarkson is going to visit schools and universities in the United Kingdom to discuss body issues.

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