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Lily Allen nude

Lily Allen Biography: Perhaps she's the best super singer in the world. If not, she's most talented and sexiest creature in USA. Lily Allen posed topless and even nude for dozen of most prestigious and glamorous magazines including 'GQ UK' and 'Maxim' magazines. The hottie was born on May 2, 1985 in Hammersmith Odeon, London, England. Little Lily had omnivorous musical preferences and used to write own songs. Interestingly she became famous due to her released demo which was discovered on the Internet. Her father Keith was a comedian who always travelled. So Lily had to bounce from one school to another. It's hard to believe but the girl attended 12 different schools for 10 years. Allen liked to entertain herself with various books, music and movies. By the way music was her favourite hobby and Lily always sang for her friends. After graduating from school she knew what she wanted. In 2005 Lily set up MySpace account and posted her best demos online. Her individual tracks attracted attention of millions of people and she became so-called 'Internet celebrity'. A month later Allen decided to work on her new album and looked for a producer. In 2006 her songs were known all over the world so she earned money and released new songs. Her energetic and alive songs 'LDN' and 'Smile' became chart favourites. In 2005 Lily Allen posed topless for several popular magazines. Until now the young and successful singer has been writing new hit songs.

Lily Allen nude pics

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