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Lil Kim Biography: Popular singer and astonishing model Lil Kim is known all over the world. Her great songs were recorded on thousands on CD's and her nude pics were posted in many magazines. She was was born on July 11, 1975 in Brooklyn, Manhattan US. The child was brought up by her parents until they divorced. So 9 year old girl had to live with her father who threw her out when she was a teenager. Surprisingly Lil Kim used to live with her friends and sometimes on the streets. By the way the girl had a rhyming talent that helped her to be successful and start her singing career. Rap musician Biggie Smalls played a crucial role in Kim's fate. First of all the black guy did his best to make her a member of Junior M.A.F.I.A. where the singer made her first singing debut. The hot teen made a big impression on the listeners and became popular in some rap circles. In 1995 the group released the album 'Conspiracy' and Kim appeared on records. After that time she worked with many producers and wrote own songs. There were a great variety of producers including Sean 'Puffy', 'High Class' and 'Sky'. Fortunately her albums became hits and the young singer earned money for living. The first single from the popular album, "No Time" became a favourite rap single. As far as her personal life is concerned it seems to be not so easy. The girl appeared in courts, abused drugs and alcohol. Despite these facts she's been one of the best rap female singer in the world.

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