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Laetitia Casta Biography: She's yummy and cool, she's gorgeous and gifted, she's famous model and actress Laetitia Casta. Her last movies were released not long ago. For example, movie "La bicyclette bleue" came to the world in 2000. Here the star stands completely nude and flashes her topless breast lying on the bed. To add there are plenty of arousing pics posted in many stylish magazines. First of all Casta is French and may be that's why she's so successful in her modeling career. She was born on May 11, 1978, in Port-Audemere in Normandy. Being a teenager she was fond of fashion and persuaded her parents to let her attend modeling classes in her city. Incomparable charm, long legs and gorgeous smile seemed to be a good key in the world of fashion. The teen model was "discovered" at age of 15 at a beach in Corsica. Suddenly one young photographer started to take pics of her body and a week later offered her to go to Paris into the famous modeling agency where he worked. Actually Laetitia Casta's amazing start looks as a fairy tale - she became popular and wealthy at the age of 16. The smart teen was the cover of many reputable magazines including 'Gucci' and 'Maxim'. In 1993 the model started posing for 'Guess'. In 1998 the hot babe was seen on the pages of 'Rolling Stone' magazine. Interestingly during her life the star participated in political issues. In 2000, Casta was chosen as the new "Marianne," a female who represents the true ideals of the French republic.

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