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Kristin Cavallari Biography: TV star and brilliant model Kristin Elizabeth Cavallari was born on January 14, 1987, in the city Denver, Colorado. Actually a young child might have stayed there but her parents had some material difficulties. So the little and good-looking child with her mother had to move in Illinois while the head of the family John relocated to California. In school Kristin attracted attention of many boys because of her real beauty and charisma. Being a teen she dreamed of being a model but regrettably her mother couldn't pay for modeling classes. Nevertheless at the age of 17 beautiful Kristin was offered to participate in TV show and it was her first step to tremendous glory. After she became popular chick she looked for more interesting proposals because she needed money to develop and live on her own. At the age of 19 lady Cavallari took the advantage to break into modeling world after her gorgeous appearance on the cover of the magazine 'Seventeen'. A year later the head of the 'Maxim' magazine persuaded her to work for him and Kristin agreed. Years passed and with growing popularity the model tried her in some films such as 'Fingerprints'.

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