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Kristanna Loken Biography: If you like stunning girls you can think of Kristanna Loken, a charming and sexy American actress. When it comes to her films you can remember 'BloodRayne' (2005) where hot beauty appeared topless having sex with a tough man; here she exposed her boobs and yummy pussy! Another her hit movie 'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines' which made her really popular and wealthy. The actress was born on October 9, 1979 in NYC, US. Kristanna is the daughter of an actor who turned into a fruit farmer. Loken spent most of her years on the farm where she rode horses and visited dancing classes. As you see her childhood was healthy and carefree. When Kristianna put hair up her mother persuaded her to start modeling career. Her brilliant look and beautiful charisma opened a lot of opportunities. At the age of 16 she firstly posed before cameras and was successful. A year later she signed a contract with 'Elite' magazine and her modeling career took off. Two months later Kristianna appeared in series and television shows. Actually that period of her life was treated as her triumph but it wasn't true. The thing is that she became recognized all over the world after the release of super action with participation of great Arnold Schwarzenegger. 'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines' earned her a dozen of Awards and millions of fans.

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