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Kirsten Dunst nude

Kirsten Dunst Biography: Kirsten Caroline Dunst - a well-known American actress, singer and model was born on April 30, 1982 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Her father Klaus was a medical services executive and her mother Inez Dunst was an artist and owned a gallery. Kirsten Dunst studied in Ranney School in New Jersey, but when she became six she moved to Los Angeles with her mother because of parent's divorce. Kirsten continued her education in Notre Dame - private school. After she finished school Kirsten decided to become an actress. Her first famous role was in 1994 when she played in 'Interview with the Vampire '. To add, she received MTV Movie Award, Saturn Award and Golden Globe for that role. Her next movies were 'Little Woman' and 'Jumanji'. In 2000 she filmed in 'Bring It On' - famous teenager comedy. In 2002 she also starred in 'Spider Man'. In 2003 she was offered roles in 'Levity' and 'Mona Lisa Smile'.

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