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Katy Perry nude

Katy Perry Biography: Good-looking woman, popular singer and songwriter Katy Perry was born on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, CA. When Katy was a little and charming girl she always loved music and tried to write her own songs. Years passed and at the age of 17 she met Glen Ballard, a producer who had been looking for talents. No doubt it was a lucky choice to develop Katy's skills as a singer. Firstly she worked in the studio and sang popular American songs but people needed something new and special. In 1997 she teamed up with the Matrix, interesting pop group who had been performing in towns and cities for several years. Once the Matrix wanted to record a new album with Katie Parry and it worked. In 2003 Katy appeared on the cover of 'Blender' magazine which called her 'The Next Big Thing'. But her debut single happened next year when she released 'UR SO Gray'. The album was really great and 'juicy' so Katy Perry become a super singer. A year later the stunning hottie released 'I Kissed A girl' which proved she can be treated as a beautiful American pop singer. In 2008 her new album was on the Top Ten In USA.

Katy Perry nude pics

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