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Katie Holmes nude

Katie Holmes Biography: Katie Holmes' magnificent movie "The Gift" (2000) revealed plenty of Katie's beauty spots. Do you remember her showing off her topless tits and nude ass wearing sexy panties? Katie Holmes was born on December 18, 1978 in Toledo, OH where her family lived. The youngest of five children she was the favourite father's daughter. Being a lawyer Martin Holmes was a strict head of the family. Meanwhile Katie's mother Kathy was a homemaker. Growing up Catholic girl, Katie used to attend parochial schools; by the way she was a good and clever student and liked participating in school plays. Young babe played sports and always tried to earn extra money to help her family. She used to mow lawns in the neighborhood. At the age of 15, Katie started taking classes at a local modeling school. Hard-working years were pretty successful and eventually she received an invite to the modeling convention in Big Apple. Years later Holmes moved to LA where she got her first role in the film "The Ice Storm" (1997). Honestly speaking the actress played well but she lacked some acting skills. Due to her strong features of character she was able to go on and develop herself as a professional actress. In 1998 she appeared in the thriller "Disturbing Behavior". The film was disappointing and two years later Katie played in "Wonder Boys" where she starred with Michael Douglas; that picture brought her success and money. Among her works you can find "The Gift" (2000), "Pieces of April" (2003), "First Daughter" (2004) and many other films that are worth watching. As for today Katie Holmes keeps on working in cinema industry.

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