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Kate Bosworth Biography: Kate Bosworth came into the world on January 2, in 1983. She was born in Los Angeles, California. Most of her childhood was a big travel throughout the United States. Her emigrant family always looked for other cities to settle down. At early age she was mad about Hollywood world and cinema. She had been watching movies for hours and tried to imitate beloved heroes. When she was 15 year-old she came with mother to Hollywood. Actually she had no special acting education so it was a real challenge for a young lady. Her first big break came about in 1998 when she played a role in the hit movie 'The Horse Whisperer'. That movie was a great experience for Kate and she went on looking for new proposals. And of course her beauty and talent attracted soon many directors wanted her play in their films. Just for 2000 year the hot actress played in three big films that had made her really popular. Undoubtedly you have seen the movies with her participation. For example, 'Blue Crush', 'Beyond the Sea' etc. As a matter of fact this actress has always tried to find out as many roles as possible to discover the best one for her.

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