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Kate Beckinsale nude

Kate Beckinsale Biography: Kate Beckinsale was born on July 26, in 1973. The celebrity's motherland is London,UK. Perhaps you have seen her movie "Haunted" (1995) where the star shows nude boobs and has hot sex in bed. At the age of 8 her mother decided the daughter would be an actress. At school Kate visited theatre lap and was fond of music. After graduating High School she had to earn for living because her father John was a pretty strict person with own rules and world outlook. Firstly hot and passionate Kate Beckinsale wowed critics and people with her comedic movie in the BBC television 'Cold Comfort Farm' (1995). Despite this her breakthrough into main roles came with the hit movie 'Pearl Harbor' in 2001. Since that time Kate has been treated as a talented actress who could conquer Hollywood. A year ago she was offered to play a role in the 'The Last Days of Disco'. You can remember her from other movies such as 'Laurel Canyon', 'Van Helsing', 'Underworld' etc.

Kate Beckinsale nude pics

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