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Karolina Kurkova Biography: Karolina Kurkova was born on February 28, in 1984. Her motherland is Decin, the Czech Republic. Her father was a star basketball player and her mother was a teacher. At early age Karolina was interested in sport and never thought about being a celebrity. Being 16 year schoolgirl her beauty was discovered by a close friend who sent her photos into a modeling agency in Prague. A month later she was offered to sign a contract and since that time she has been a popular super model. Interestingly Prague was too little for Karolina and in 1998 she moved in US. By 2002 Karolina Kurkova had become the super "hot" face and won the Model of the Year Award. By the way the young lady posed for erotic magazines such as 'Nude DT Magazine' where her naked pics had been posted. From 2001-2007 she appeared on television shows and worked with most prestigious fashion brands including Chanel, Rolex and Christian Dior. What's more the super lady tried herself as an actress and starred in the movie "Cover Girl". As you see Karolina has a lot of talents but the best of them is her natural beauty and charisma.

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