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Jolene Blalock Biography: Jolene Blalock's was born On March, 5 in 1975. This celeb is known for her naughty temper, amazing body and incomparable striptease talent. She can be also recognized from naked pics and topless photos posted in popular magazines. She was raised in San Diego, US and left home at the age of 17. Actually it was the age of her popularity and future career. Her parents didn't allow her to leave but Jolene had own plans for her life and took off to Europe. Jolene wasn't so successful in Paris and London so she had to move in Los Angeles that made her famous. First years she starred in commercials but young and cute Blalock wanted to become a supermodel. A year later being 19 year-old beauty she attracted many agents from modeling studios. In 1998 she again starred in series of commercials and worked for 'Elite' magazine earning money for living. In 2000 astonishing Jolene was offered to sign a contract with famous and wealthy magazine 'Maxim' where she had been working for 3 years. By the way at that same period she had another contract with 'Richmond' magazine. Still today there are tons of calendars with nude and passionate Jolene. Presently the model keeps on working and likes travelling around the world.

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