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Jodie Marsh Biography: First of all Jodie Marsh is well known for her naked and topless pics in popular magazines and numerous publications. Jodie is a super model and show woman who could reach everything she wanted. Jodie Louisa Marsh was born on December, 23 in 1978. Her motherland is Brentwood, Essex England. Interestingly Jodie was born in a working class family and there were no illusions about her future success and popularity. Despite this her life way was lucky and interesting. While her father John run his own scaffolding business her mother brought up the daughter and the son Jordan. Young Jodie attended a local school and was happy. She used to go to musical school but wasn't success in this field. At the age of 14 Jodie Marsh entered the lap dance and four year later she was known in stripping industry. Some people would say 'her career was breathtaking' and it's true. The point is that at the age of 20 Jodie Marsh signed many contracts with most prestigious magazines. Of course, she earned a lot of money and was happy with her job. In 1999 she appeared on MTV show and that raised her popularity between teenagers. Young Jodie knew a lot of famous celebs and they always helped her. So her modeling career was more than bright. In autumn 2006 the super model appeared in the 'It's Me or the Dog' TV show. Amazingly but she came there with her 6 dogs! So far Jodie has been a brilliant face for many erotic magazines revealing her nude and stunning body.

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