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Jennifer Love Hewitt nude

Jennifer Love Hewitt Biography: Hot and stunning woman Jennifer Love Hewitt is known for her film roles and television shows where she appeared. The actress was born on February 21, 1979 in Waco, Texas, US. Interestingly but her first name she got from her brother. Her mother Pat decided to give her romantic middle name - Love. Jennifer's father was a medical technician while her mum had an occupation of a speech pathologist. For some time the family where Jennifer was brought up was good and healthy. But years passed and the parents divorced as many American spouses do until now. Jennifer's official debut happened when she was just 3. The little girl sang at a livestock show. At age of 7 she was singing in jazz band and took ballet lessons. Then she joined the Texas Show Team. These were her first steps to future glory. This Team toured the former Soviet Union and Europe. At age of 9 Jennifer with her family moved to Los-Angeles. Meanwhile her older brother Todd stayed in Texas to finish High School. Jennifer didn't waste time and soon found commercial work. In 1984 she got a role in Disney's movie. That period of her life was hard-working and challenging; the young actress did her best to be noticed by directors and once it worked. She played in TV series and got roles in big screen movies among which you can find 'Ghost Whisperer', 'Delgo', 'American Dreams' and others.

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