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Jennifer Lopez nude

Jennifer Lopez Biography: Actually there are no people who don't know about the pearl of Hollywood Jennifer Lopez. Her fans remember her from 'U Turn' (1997) movie where the actress revealed her nudity having sex in the missionary position. Nice boobs and sexy tummy were perceived as a visiting card. We can also mention the movie 'Train' (1995) where Lopez exposed her nude breasts having hot sex with a guy. She was born on July 24, 1969 in the Castle Hill, NY City, USA. Her father was a computer technician. Jennifer loved him because he was a hard-working and affectionate father. Her mum Guadalupe was a teacher in kindergarten. The family consisted of three daughters and Jennifer was the youngest child. From the age of 5 little girl took singing lessons. Then she attended Dancing School and discovered more hobbies for herself. Actually she was a curious and healthy girl who wanted to be an actress. Jennifer attended 12 years of Catholic school; she had no a lot of time to play with friends because family rules were quite strict. Nevertheless parents wanted their children had everything they needed. So Jennifer and her sisters played tennis and used to visit Music School. At 18 Lopez firstly appeared on television show and during that time she continued dance classes. Show business attracted young Lopez and she had to leave home because her mother didn't accept that idea. First her movie 'In Living Color' was made in 1990 and this year the actress moved to L.A. Interestingly she hated this place but had to work there. Fortunately here she found her boyfriend David Cruz. Then she starred in many films and worked with distinguished directors. Since that time Cruz has been treated as most famous and beautiful actress in Hollywood.

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