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Jennifer Aniston nude

Jennifer Aniston Biography: When it comes to Jennifer Aniston you can say just good things and compliment. The super actress was born on February 11, 1969 in Sherman Oaks, California, USA. In early age Jennifer's family moved in New-York City where her father worked as an actor. Unfortunately the parents were not able to save the marriage and when Jennifer was 9 year-old girl - they divorced. So little Jennifer was brought up by her careful mother. At the age of 11 little girl was interested in acting. Thus she joined the School's drama club where she played various roles. By the way here she showed her passion for art and cinema. After graduation the young actress appeared in Off-Broadway shows such as 'For Dear Life'. A year later the charming girl started starring in her first television roles on 'Molloy'. In 1992 Jennifer was seen in 'The Edge'. Her acting was brilliant and fans loved her. In 1994 the actress was coming to the peak of her glory playing in series 'Friends Like These'. But her triumph was the series 'Friends'. According to the statistics the interesting series were seen by millions of Americans. Of course, after a while Jennifer was offered tons of offers from Hollywood. Currently the actress is still sought-after; she has been acting in movies and series in USA. It's said hot woman is looking for a husband but today she's alone.

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