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Hilary Duff naked pics

Hilary Duff Biography: So young but so popular Hilary Duff in known for her talent of a singer, dancer, actress and for her charity work too. Born on September 28th, 1987 in Houston, Texas, Hilary got in show business in her early age. The main reason is that her mother was rather successful producer. In 1997, being just 10 years old, she appeared in her first film True Women opposite Angelina Jolie and Annabeth Gish. The same year she acted in Casper Meets Wendy and The Soul Collector and received positive critical acclaim. Then she had a break till 2003 leading the comedy Lizzie McGuire, which became a real hit and made celebrity out of Hilary Duff. Hilary hasn't stopped on acting only; she also tried her luck in music. Her first attempt was a song "I Can't Wait", a soundtrack for the Lizzie McGuire serial. The song became a popular hit and the album became platinum. Santa Claus Lane was Duff's second album, that was however less popular. Metamorphosis, the next album, brought Hilary popularity as a singer. She was awarded Best New Female Artist and Kids' Choice Award.

Hilary Duff nude pics

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