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Hayden Panettiere Biography: Hayden Leslie Panettiere - an American Hollywood actress and famous singer was born on August 29, 1989 in Palisades, New York. It's hard to believe but her mother got the daughter into the business when Hayden was just 11 year-old girl. As many stars Hayden starred in commercials. Then she had to play in soap operas but in 1997 her life changed. The young and pretty Hayden was seen on big screen. Actually she's best known for her role in the famous Hollywood drama 'Guiding Light'. In 2001 Hayden was invited to the NBC TV program where she played a role of a school cheerleader. What's more a year later sweet girl starred in Disney movies and you can remember her due to movies such as 'A Bug's Life'. Interestingly strict Hollywood critics gave her Young Star Award for Brilliant Young Voiceover Talent. Actually Hyden played with tons of distinguished Hollywood stars including actress Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise etc. Once the celeb said that her main talent is ambish and self-development. Today Hyden Panettiere is a target for many authoritative directors. She looks happy living in NY with her family.

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