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Halle Berry naked

Halle Berry Biography: Do you know someone who was named after the department store? Halle Berry is the one! Halle Maria Berry, born on August 14, 1966, Ohio, experienced racial discrimination early in her childhood. She lived in an area with predominantly white people. Nevertheless, Berry was successful at school and became a cheerleader, honor society member, school newspaper's editor and a class president. Berry even won the title of prom queen. She was the Miss Teen Ohio and the participant of Miss USA pageant and later of Miss World pageant. She even dropped her study at college in pursue for modeling career and tried her luck in acting too. Berry's first audition for Charlie's Angels was unsuccessful, though she was lucky to have a part in Living Dolls, a TV show. It gave rise to her acting career and was followed by a long chain of movies with Halle as a leading lady: Jungle Fever, The Last Boy Scout, Boomerang, Gothika, Die Another Day. Monster's ball was highly acclaimed by critics and brought her Best Actress Oscar. In this movie the celebrity was seen completely naked having wild and hard sex.

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