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Gwen Stefani naked

Gwen Stefani Biography: An international celebrity Gwen Stefani is mostly known as a vocalist of No Doubt band though she is also a songwriter and an actress too. She was born in California on October 3, 1969. Gwen was very modest and industrious in childhood. She started to work as a shop assistant selling cosmetics. Once she found out she could write songs, her life changed. Gwen wanted to work with a band and her brother Eric invited her in No Doubt. In 1987 Gwen became a vocalist in the band. Later No Doubt was joined by a guitarist, a drummer and a bassist, whom Stefani had been dating for seven years. Stefani was still studying at California State Fullerton College when they released a demo. In 1990 Interscope Records offered No Doubt to sign a contract. The band released its first two albums The Beacon Street Collection and No Doubt. They didn't bring long-expected popularity though. After Stefani and bassist split, the band was about to fall in pieces. Still, the "half" of the band continued to work over their third album. Their efforts were not vain. Tragic Kingdom became a hit and more than 14 millions of copies were sold all over the world.

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