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Geri Halliwell nude

Geri Halliwell Biography: Geri Halliwell is mostly known as one of the Spice Girls nicknamed Ginger Spice. She always wanted to be in show business and her dream came true! Geri Halliwell was born in 1972 and started her career by modeling and dancing in clubs of Majorca. The Spice Girls' peak of popularity was during 90s in U.K., Canada, USA, Australia and in many other countries. Before the band split, all the girls starred in a movie Spice World. A great number of celebrities acted there. In 1999 Halliwell's first solo album was released. It had very high sales rate. Two years later the whole world heard Halliwell's hit "It's Raining Man" that was also used as a track in a film Bridget Jones' Diary. Halliwell also released two DVDs of Yoga which had great success. Geri was a presenter of All American Girl, a very popular TV show and was a guest in Sex and the City. Geri is a fan of Madonna and Geri named her baby girl in her honor. In 2007 the Spice Girls united and made a world tour. Geri, with her natural talent and beauty, was shining on the magazines' covers and she even let her nude picks to be posted in Hustler Magazine.

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