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Gemma Atkinson Biography: Gemma Louise Atkinson - beautiful and very sexy model, actress and TV shows person was born on November 15, 1984 in Bury, the United Kingdom. Before Gemma started her modeling carrier she was studying in Castlebrook High School. Gemma's acting carrier started with her role in soap teenager series - 'Hollyoaks' and then in 'Hollyoaks: In the City'. Gemma Atkinson also took part in filming several pilot of different series in 2009. At that time Gemma didn't suspect she would have picture taken for many magazines and calendars. Of course there were a lot of naked pics for elite magazines such as FHM, Maxim etc. In 2004 the young and ambitious model moved to Paris for a while. There she met a lot of famous people who became her intimate friends. A year later Gemma played in the movie 'The stranger' but it wasn't successful. Nevertheless the beauty reached the peak of her glory in this same year when she signed a contract with three prestigious magazines. Today you can see her nude and topless pics in tons of famous magazines. Nowadays the celeb lives with her beloved husband and lovely daughter Lily.

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