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Gabrielle Union Biography: It is hardly to believe that she could become a basketball player instead of a famous model or talented actress. Gabrielle Union was born on October 29, 1972 in Nebraska but her family moved to California when she was 8. Studying at high school, Union was very interested in sport and she dated an NBA player Jason Kidd. When she was 20 she was attacked and raped. Fortunately, her attacker was caught and imprisoned for thirty-three years. During her studying at UCLA, Union was short of money and could not pay for her life and study, so, when she was offered to become a fashion model, she agreed. Later Gabrielle tried herself in acting. First she had small roles in "Love and Basketball" and "10 Things I Hate About You". Her popularity raised after acting in Bring It On. In 2002 Union co-starred Will Smith in Bad Boys II and with Jamie Foxx in Breakin' All the Rules. Though she was seen in many films and series, in her interview with Art Nouveau Magazine she said that black actresses are not so sought-after as white ones.

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